About Our Roasts

Our coffee is sustainably-sourced and delicious.
It's taste and quality makes fundraising easy.

Check out our flavors below:


Crème Brûlée: Just like the desert everyone loves, our Crème Brûlée coffee has the decadent flavors of French custard topped with scorched sugar. The aroma of this brewed indulgence will fill you with anticipation.




Southern Pecan: Like warm pecan pie, our Southern Pecan coffee has the wholesome flavor of freshly roasted pecans. Each sip will bring you closer to memories of true Southern hospitality.




Hazelnut: Toasted hazelnuts lead this blend with sweet, buttery and creamy flavors. Our Hazelnut coffee is roasted to be smooth and delicious with aromatics that will add to your luxurious coffee experience.


French Roast: Our French Roast coffee displays the sweetness that is caused by caramelizing sugars deep in the roasting process and finishes with a smoky flair. You will enjoy a bold cup of coffee that is not overdone.




Special Blend: This medium roast coffee boasts a balanced body, rich aroma and a smooth finish. Our Special Blend coffee is an enticing way to start every day. It is also available in Decaf.