Coffee Fundraiser Program

Coffee Fundraiser Program: A Step-by-Step Guide

Starting and completing a coffee fundraiser program can be easy with these steps.

  1. Request an information packet and ask any questions you might have.
  2. Complete a Sales Agreement form and send us a graphic for your custom coffee labels.
  3. Choose a start date and the length of your sale.
  4. Host a kick-off event to distribute sales forms, set goals and motivate your sellers.
  5. Sell and check in with your groups progress periodically to maintain momentum.
  6. End sale, collect sales sheets & money, and place the order using the Master Order Form.
  7. Deposit funds, keeping your profits and pay for your Coffee Funded Coffee.
  8. Receive, Inventory and then distribute your coffee to your sellers for delivery.

Coffee Fundraiser Projections

Group SizeEach Sells 5Each Sells 10Each Sells 15Each Sells 20
10   students$320$640$960$1,280
25   students$800$1,600$2,400$3,200
50   students$1,600$3,200$4,800$6,400
100 students$3,200$6,400$9,600$12,800
200 students$6,400$12,800$19,200$25,600
300 students$9,600$19,200$28,800$38,400

Your group makes 30-40% profit on everything you sell.

  • We will custom-label freshly roasted coffee for your organization.
  • Your label can have your group’s name and photo or logo.
  • No shipping charges on orders of 100 or more.
  • Easy system for leaders and sellers.

Coffee Fundraiser Program Options

  1. Traditional Coffee Catalog Sales - Brochure Coffee Sales - Use sales sheets customized with your logo to sell to people in your community.  No risk because you will only be shipped what you have sold in advanced sales.  You sellers will have an opportunity for share your groups mission with their supporter during the fundraising sale.
  2. Online Coffee Fundraising Sales - We can put your custom coffee in our online store, and you can sell it there to be shipped directly to your supporters.  You share the information about your online coffee fundraising sale, and we pack and ship it, you never have to handle the product or collect money.
  3. Hybrid Coffee Fundraising Sales - In a hybrid sale your organization can do in person coffee sales and online sales at the same time.  This is the most common option because you can reach your supporters in person and also reach people who are not local to your group.
  4. Event Sales - Festival Sales - Markets - You can order custom labeled coffee in advance to be sold at event locations like parent nights, flea markets or fairs.  If you brewed a pot while there the smell of fresh coffee will bring customers to your booth.
  5. Donor Gifts - Private Label - Executive Gifts - This custom labeled coffee is great to use as donor gifts in capital campaigns to make a personal connection to your donors.  Private labeled coffee can also be used for sale where organizations have small coffee stations.  Executive gifts or gift baskets are another way custom labeled coffee can be used effectively.  Some service companies like real estate agents and insurance companies also use it as branded gift for customers.  You can learn more about private labeling coffee at our retail site Coffee My Friend.

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