Coffee Fundraiser

Coffee Fundraiser Programs are an easy, convenient, and successful way to make money for your organization.

Coffee Fundraiser

Coffee Fundraiser Programs are an easy, convenient, and successful way to make money for your organization.

Coffee Fundraiser by Coffee Funded

Our coffee fundraiser programs will help your organization reach their fundraising goals. The coffee sale programs are easy for sellers and fundraising coordinators. The micro-roasted coffee tastes great and will excite your sellers and supporters. Custom coffee labeling with your team’s logo, mascot or picture will create a direct connection between your organization's mission and your supporters. Coffee Funded can help your organization find fundraising success.  If you are looking for a great way to raise money for your school, church, or sports team, it can be difficult, so Coffee Funded has created a program to maximize your profits and reduce your effort and stress.

  • High profit potential for your organization - 40% in-person sales
  • Online sales opportunity - 30% online sales direct ship to customer
  • Custom labeling with your group's logo, photo, mascot or event
  • Great tasting coffee, micro roasted to perfection
  • Easy to start, coordinate and complete for fundraising leaders

Why a Coffee Fundraiser?

Coffee is a popular and profitable fundraiser.  Did you know that 64% of Americans drink a cup of coffee every day?  Infact, your friends, family and future supporters are likely among them.  Supporters will love our coffee including custom roasted flavors like Hazelnut, Crème Brule, and Southern Pecan.  Customers will enjoy great coffee that is roasted in small batches and shipped fresh to maximize its flavor.  Custom labeled coffee can be bought as a novelty item with your logo or picture on it and never be opened.  Alternatively, many people will treat your coffee it like a commodity and use it to replace their regular daily coffee.  Members can reorder your fundraising coffee year-round to keep your profits flowing.

How A Coffee Fundraiser Works

Here’s what we do.  We custom label coffee with your organization’s logo, photo, mascot, or event.  This puts your group at the center of your fundraiser.  You will find supporters with ease when you can share with them about your primary mission while showing them the delicious coffee you have for sale.

Coffee Fundraiser Program- Sample Sales Sheet

Coffee Fundraiser Ideas

Coffee fundraisers are very versatile and can meet an organization’s needs in many ways.  Traditional Catalog / Brochure Sales, Online Fundraiser Sales, Hybrid Sales, Event Sales like festivals or Advance Presales all can be used in a highly profitable ways to use coffee as a fundraiser.  Your Coffee Funded sales specialist will help your organization find the best fundraising program you your unique situation.

Six Types of Coffee Fundraisers Info Graphic

Traditional Coffee Fundraiser / Catalog Coffee Sale/ Brochure Coffee Sale

Traditional Catalog sales can be very profitable for schools, clubs, and organizations.  There is safety in knowing you will only be billed for what you order at the completions of sale.  These brochure sales are still the most effective sales method because you can seek out your supporters and personally ask them for their support.  Once you tell them what you are fundraising for many will support you and your organization right away.  Consequently, this traditional model has produced the most profitable sales for almost all types of organizations.  These sales will produce 40% profits.  We will package and ship your sale in one shipment to a single address to be distributed to your salespeople for delivery.

Online Coffee Fundraiser Sale

Online coffee sales can be very profitable for highly digital organizations or groups with members that are social media active.  We will list your custom labeled coffee fundraiser in our online retail store, and you will make 30% profit on all online sales.  These sales will be shipped directly to the purchaser and the groups will never need to handle it.  Groups that effectively share their coffee sale socially can multiply the success of their fundraiser through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or E-mail.  Infact, encouraging others to share and reshare can make you sale go viral.  We can leave your fundraising sale up on our site for up to one year, which allows you to continue to fundraise.

Hybrid Coffee Fundraiser Sale: Traditional and Online

Hybrid Fundraising Coffee Sales include a traditional catalog sale explained above and an online coffee sale.  Groups that pursue both strategies can run very effective fundraising sales.  The traditional brochure sale will earn them a higher profit margin per sale.  However, the online sale will allow them to reach supporters that are not local to them and unable to participate in person.  Therefore, most organizations choose this option.

Event Coffee Fundraiser Sale/ Festival Coffee Sale

Event coffee sales can be effective if your organization hosts performances, participates in fairs, flea markets, festivals, or parent nights.  Groups order their coffee in advance of their event and sell to supporters at the event.  What makes this effective is that you can brew some of this very aromatic coffee and the aroma will bring supporters to you.  Choirs or Orchestras with a winter concert or show have had much success with this kind of sale because everyone at the show is there to support the performers.

Presale Coffee Fundraiser/ Wholesale Coffee Fundraiser

Sometimes an organization does not need a big sale or does not have many members.  These organizations can preorder custom labeled coffee and sell it to supporters directly.  For example, think about a secretary of a school selling to teachers and parents who stop by the office or an animal shelter selling to visitors who want to support the shelter.  You can think of this as wholesaling your personal branded coffee and selling it for a profit.

Executive Custom Labeled Coffee Gifts / Donor Coffee Gifts

Some organizations use Coffee Funded custom labeled coffee in a way to acknowledge their most active volunteers or as gifts for donors during annual capital campaigns.  It is a way to say thank you with a gift that is very personal to the organization.  Executive gift baskets for gala auctions have also been a way that organizations have used our fundraising coffee.  Additionally, we have also had Real Estate Agents and Insurance Companies use our private labeled coffee as seasonal gifts for their customers.

Coffee Funded Banner for Our Coffee Fundraiser Program Links to Get Started Page

Custom Coffee Fundraiser Labels

Benefits of a Custom Labeled Coffee Fundraiser

We custom label our coffee fundraisers for all our organizations.  Fundraising schools can submit a school logo or school mascot for their custom coffee label.  Teams and clubs can submit a team picture for their custom coffee label.  Churches and youth groups can submit event information about their mission trip or other event for their custom coffee label.  Then we will submit samples to be approved so that our customers are proud to sell their special products.  These special custom labels also can be the conversation starter to break the ice with potential supporters.  These conversations will lead to your most profitable coffee sales.


How is Coffee Funded Custom Labeled Coffee Different?

We place these beautiful custom coffee labels on black bags without any other distracting information on the front.  This will make it look like your own private labeled brand of coffee.  We know we are not the only company private labeling coffee for fundraisers, but we hope to do it better.  Compare our labels and packaging to anyone.  Custom coffee labels for your sale should help reinforce your brand.  It should put you and your organization first.  If done well, it will give the appearance that funders are supporting you directly.

Submitting Artwork for Custom Coffee Fundraiser Labels

First, decide how you want to visually represent your school or organization. The best labels include school or organization logos, team photos, school mascots, and event details.  Second, send us an image or two.  Finally, we will render a couple of coffee label choices for you to choose from.  When supplying Coffee Funded with your artwork, the highest resolution artwork is best. Webpage graphics are usually too low resolution for this purpose.  Possible file types include pdf, eps, ai, psd, png or jpg.

Who Can Use a Coffee Fundraiser?

Coffee Fundraiser: Schools

The list of school organizations that can successfully use a coffee fundraiser is unlimited: Chess Club, Choir, Band, PTA, Debate Clubs, Speech Teams, PTA, Student Councils, Orchestra, Jazz Singers, Marching Bands, Dance Teams, Art Clubs, Anime Clubs, Theater Clubs, Thespians, PTO, Spanish Clubs, French Clubs, PTSO, Golf teams, Science Clubs, Middle Schools, Elementary Schools, High Schools, Drama Clubs, Soccer, Swim Teams, Education Foundations, Color Guard, Senior Prom, School Musical, Photography Club, Cheerleading, Booster Clubs, Athletic Foundation, Football, Jazz Band, Softball, Baseball, Track Teams, Diving, Cross Country, Tennis, School Improvement Associations

Coffee Fundraiser: Non-School Clubs or Groups

Many non-school clubs have run successful Coffee Fundraisers: Fraternities, Sororities, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Youth Groups, Swim Clubs, AAU Track, AAU Basketball, Paintball Team, Cheer Teams, Club Softball, Club Volleyball, Club Soccer, Little league, T-Ball

Coffee Fundraiser: Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits can use coffee fundraisers: Animal Rescue, Mission Groups, Church Choir, Community Orchestra, Community Symphony, Women’s Center, Political Groups, Gymnastic Teams, Church Groups

Coffee Fundraiser: Easy to Start, Coordinate and Succeed

Our program is easy to execute for fundraising leaders, sponsors, or coordinators and you will get help every step of the way.  As a fundraising leader, you are critical to your fundraising program’s success.  This can feel overwhelming.  In response, we have created these steps to help you easily navigate a successful fundraiser.

Coffee Fundraiser Leaders Guide PDF

Catalog Coffee Fundraiser Sales

Information Package

Complete the no obligation web sign-up form and receive a digital information packet.  You will receive a few important documents; Sales Agreement, How It Works, Sample Sales Forms, Editable Kick-Off Letter, Leaders Guide, and a master order form.  Once you receive the Information Packet, review it to feel confident about getting started.  Contact us with any questions.

Get Started

Complete and submit a Sales Agreement Form.  Choose fundraising goals, dates, and length the length of your sale.

Coffee Sales Agreement 2023 PDF

Artwork needs to be submitted within one week of submitting the Sales Agreement Form.  We will render a couple of label choices for your organization’s private label.  Approve the custom coffee label design and receive your custom order forms.  Logos, Team Photos, Mascots are all good choices.  The highest resolution artwork is best.  Webpage graphics are usually too low resolution for this purpose.  Possible file types include pdf, eps, ai, psd, or jpg.

Coffee Fundraiser Program- Sample Sales Sheet

Goals Setting

Set a fundraising goal & length of sale and communicate that to your organization.  Start with a unified vision.  This gives your organization a target and purpose for their efforts.


After you receive your custom sales packet, you can distribute the sales sheets and digital tools to start your sale.  Follow the sales tips at the bottom of the Parent/ Kick off Letter.  Have a fundraiser kickoff day and encourage your group to sell, sell, sell!

End Sale

Collect all completed sales sheets and money at the end of the sale.  Make a copy of the sales sheets for later in the distribution process.


Deposit collected money according to local policy and submit payment to Coffee Funded with order.


Complete the Master Order Form after receiving all sales sheets.  E-mail the Master Order Form to


When your order arrives, inventory it and check the order count.  Communicate any shortages to Coffee Funded within a week of delivery.


Create an assembly line, pack individual sales together according to the sales sheets, verify the counts and have members sign them out and deliver according to the original sales sheets.

Event Coffee Fundraiser Sales

Information Package

Contact us and request an information package.

Get Started

Complete a Sales Agreement Form.  Choose goals, dates and a fundraiser leader.

Submit Artwork

Artwork needs to be submitted within one week of submitting the Sales Agreement Form.  (Instructions Above)


Order using the Master Order Form and submit payment.  Email the Master Order Form to


At your event, proudly display your products and sell, sell, sell.

Insert Master Order Form

Social Media for Coffee Fundraiser Sales

Social Media Tools That Are Available

Coffee Funded will use our social media to help advance your sale.  We will also provide your groups digital tools or assets so your groups can spread the word about your sale easily.  Tweets & retweets, Facebook posts & Shares, Instagram posts & shares, email and blog posts will all help advance your sale.  Socially active groups can go viral using these tools and extend their sales far and wide.

Instagram Link - Twitter Link - Facebook Link

Check out examples posts here: Twitter  Facebook  Instagram  Blog

QR Codes Link to your Fundraiser

We will send you a QR code for easy access to all your online digital tools.  This code will also lead directly to you online sale.  Here is what a sample sales page looks like.  Sales Page

Coffee Funded Freshly Roasted Coffee

Our coffee is ethically sourced, freshly roasted, and delicious.  It's taste, aroma and quality will make your coffee fundraising easy.  Check out our flavors below.

Special Blend / Special Blend Decaf

This medium roast coffee boasts a balanced body, rich aroma and a smooth finish. Our Special Blend coffee is an enticing way to start every day. It is also available in Decaf.

flavors-coffee-funded-creme-bruleeCrème Brûlée

Just like the desert everyone loves, our Crème Brûlée coffee has the decadent flavors of French custard topped with scorched sugar. The aroma of this brewed indulgence will fill you with anticipation.

flavors-coffee-funded-souther-pecanSouthern Pecan

Like warm pecan pie, our Southern Pecan coffee has the wholesome flavor of freshly roasted pecans. Each sip will bring you closer to memories of true Southern hospitality.


Toasted hazelnuts lead this blend with sweet, buttery and creamy flavors. Our Hazelnut coffee is roasted to be smooth and delicious with aromatics that will add to your luxurious coffee experience.

flavors-coffee-funded-french-roastFrench Roast

Our French Roast coffee displays the sweetness that is caused by caramelizing sugars deep in the roasting process and finishes with a smoky flair. You will enjoy a bold cup of coffee that is not overdone.

Fundraising Max

Efficient and Effective Fundraising Tips for any Fundraising Program

Our guide to maximizing fundraising profits while reducing effort and stress.

When it comes to fundraising, it is easy to work yourself to the bone and not reach your goals. Your hard work and stress do not automatically equal profits. However, with these handy tips you will be able to maximize your profit so that your efforts will truly benefit your cause, and with less stress than you’d expect.

Let people know what you’re doing early and often.

If you want to get maximum engagement with your fundraising effort, let your target audience know when your program will be active. Then keep reminding them with countdowns to the event, or until you finish your sales efforts. There is nothing worse than being asked about your fundraising event after it is over.

Let people know what you are raising money for.

People are going to buy your product for a couple of reasons.  The first reason is because people want what you are selling.  Second, they’ve heard good things about it.  Third, it’s convenient for them to buy from you. But this will only make up around 40% of your sales. Most importantly, the majority your sales will come from people who are invested in your cause. Sell your cause as well as your product. Let them know about all the great things their money is going to support.

Plan your sales pitch.

If you are going to be selling at an event or to family and friends, then you need to get your pitch ready before hand. Know what you’re going to say so you aren’t fumbling for words. You want your pitch to be short and to the point. Try to make your sale before they start to tune you out. Whatever you say, do it with a smile and lots of eye contact.

Sell Personalized Products.

You might be selling for an important cause, but generic products can make your fundraiser seem sterile and flat. Your organization can breakthrough the cluttered marketplace with products made or customized just for your group. This allows you others to be an active part of your story and mission by buying your products and spreading the word.

Market your product as a gift.

If you sell your product as an item your potential buyer wants, then they might buy one or two for themselves. If you suggest that it would make a great present for family and friends, then they have many more reasons to buy what you’re selling.

Sell daily use products to encourage increased sales.

Daily use products like coffee can be a real hit with your target market. This can be a fundraiser that is painless for your buyers because they were going to buy coffee anyway. They can buy for now and for the future, so your sales will increase. If there is an option to reorder, then the sales can continue year-round.

Fundraising_Max PDF


Keys to an Effective Fundraiser Kickoff: A Sponsor's Guide

My Coffee Fundraiser Story

Before I was in the fundraising business, I was a high school debate coach.  Any tournaments our team wanted to attend beyond our budget we had to pay for through fees or fundraising.  Therefore, I quickly learned a lot about fundraising.  Soon other organizations on my campus wondered how we were so effective both our tournaments and in our fundraisers.  On the Fundraising Sponsor page, I will break down many of the lessons I learned in my many years fundraising.  These tips should be effective whether you are doing a coffee fundraiser with Coffee Funded or another fundraising program.

Why Coffee Fundraiser Kick-Offs are Essential.

New fundraisers are starting all the time and their start or kick-off are critical to their success.  Our Fundraising kick-off guide will help people know what's important when you start your new fundraising campaign.  For instance, you could view this like a swimming or track race or piano recital.  If you get off to a great start, then things will continue to go great.  Think about how coaches practice getting off the blocks for swimmers or getting out of the blocks for runners.  They practice the start repetitively.  They know that a strong start leads to a strong finish!

Essentially, a Kick-off establishes some important goals and standards for your organization's fundraiser.  Showing strong organization, leadership and commitment at the start will set you up for the best chance at success.

Be Honest, Fundraising is Work!

Be upfront with your organization.  This is a fundraiser!  This is going to take some work!  Fundraising is not part of your primary mission.  It is not why a player joined a baseball team or why a trumpeter joined the high school band or Choir or Debate team.  This is extra work we need to do to support our club or organization.  Commit to doing it at a highly energetic and effective way!  If you have to fundraise, be effective!

Your Mission - Your Why

Remind your sellers about the mission. Why are we fundraising? For Example, did your marching band qualify for marching band state? Did your debate team qualify for the national tournament? Does your swim team need new uniforms? Your kickoff needs to remind your sellers why they are doing this.  Additionally, encourage them to tell their buyers or supporters about your group goals and mission. Your mission, your why, is why people are going to support you.  Therefore, your group needs to connect your sales to your bigger goals. Why are we doing this?

Set Clear Goals for Your Coffee Fundraiser

Great leaders and coaches know there is tension with goal setting. You need to set high aspirational goals so that you can raise the money you need but if you set them out of the realm of possibility people will not believe in them.  For instance, you don’t tell a 13-year-old that they are going to run a 4-minute mile today in practice when they have never run faster than 6-minute mile.  Alternately, “We are trying to cut 11 seconds off your personal best mile time,” is more attainable and more inspirational.  You should not set goals outside of the realm of possibility because this steals your groups fundraising motivation.

Accordingly, it is better to set high yet clearly attainable fundraising goals. Tension comes from the fact that your fundraiser must also make a significant contribution to your year’s financial needs so needs to be high. Thus, you must balance this tension by making sure your fundraising goals are both attainable and significant.  This clear and attainable goal can also be communicated to your supporters, so they know that they are part of reaching your goals.  It is better if your group breaks through your fundraising goals than if it feels like a failure when it is all done.

Individual Responsibility

Take your group goal and break it down for each member or your fundraising group.  What does that require of them individually for the team to be successful? For example, how many products does each person have to sell? Or how much money does each person need to raise? What does it take for each person to be successful? What are the steps that each person is required to make? Many fundraising programs call this their fair share.

Your team or group probably has many requirements and responsibilities, communicate the fundraiser as one of those, an expectation.  Consequently, this makes it easier for families who do not want to participate in a fundraiser but don’t mind donating directly to the group instead.  Thus, many groups offer a buyout when they run a fundraiser, and this clearly articulated fair share helps determine that amount that buyout.  However, one downside to fundraiser buyouts is that you will have fewer members out in the community telling people about your organization’s activities and accomplishments.

Explain the Product - Coffee Fundraiser

Explain the product you your groups so that they understand what they are selling and why.  Such as, what are its advantages of this product? Why did you choose it? What are its special qualities?  Explain why this product is best for your organization to sell.

For our coffee fundraisers these benefits are clear.  The coffee is freshly roasted and delicious.  It comes in six popular flavors including Southern Pecan and Crème Brule.  Our coffee is custom labeled for each group with any image that represents them. It comes ground in standard 12 oz bags and cost about what great coffee cost at a grocery store.  Moreover, most people buy coffee anyway, and they can reorder it even after the sale is over.  Coffee is a healthy alternative to other fundraisers. People can use it or keep it as a souvenir.  Most importantly, give your group the information they need to be great salespeople and encourage them to practice their pitch.

Set Day One Goals

What should everyone do in the first 24 hours. This is when motivation is highest. This is when your fundraising group will talk to their strongest supporters. Indeed, those who succeed in the first 24 hours will be motivated to continue and will also motivate others by their success. A big chunk of your money can be made in the first 24 hours.

Who will be the first person to talk to every teacher in the math department? Which students will sell to the social studies hall? How many will call every person they know at church? In fact, people will not reach out to make more difficult sales until all the easy ones are done. The faster that happens, the more likely your group will reach its true fundraising potential.

Social and Digital

Our coffee fundraising program at has a digital social package so, make sure you have a way to distribute it during your kick-off.  We will post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and our blog and members should forward, retweet, and share to followers.  In fact, these post all will have a Buy button so people can buy right away.  These tools are great for reaching out of town relatives who want to support you but can’t locally.  Infact, when others share these tools, your fundraiser can go viral.  These links will stay active for a year so use them effectively to maximize your reach.


In conclusion, use these tips to kick-off your fundraiser and set yourself up for success.  Share this video or post with others in your organization to succeed together.  Lastly, look for our other Fundraising Leader or Sponsor support videos to maximize your fundraising efforts.

Incentive Programs for Coffee Fundraisers

Incentive programs for your coffee sale can greatly improve your overall success.  However, we have found that incentives created by the programs themselves have been most successful.  Gift cards or small prizes to sellers can be highly motivating for many groups.  For example, incentives for reaching a certain number of sales or top sellers are both ways that these can be structured.  Similarly, first day or first week sales also can motivate a group to start fast.  Finally, if you choose to use an incentive program for your coffee fundraiser, make sure to choose one with your sellers in mind.


Coffee kickoff Letter Editable


High Profit Coffee Fundraiser

A group can earn high profits from their coffee fundraiser.  The fundraising coffee sells for $16 for a 12oz. bag and the group keeps 40% when sold in person and delivered to one address.  In fact, your group also earns free shipping for orders over 100 items.  Just 20 members selling 5 items each could make $640 with a modest sale.  For example, look at the chart and see what is possible or use our Fundraising Calculator to see your groups specific potential.


How it Works

See how Coffee Funded can help your organization meet your fundraising goals with a product your supporters will rave about. Understand your profit-making potential and you can get started.

Get Fundraising Max

Our guide to maximizing your fundraising profits while reducing your effort and stress.