Custom Coffee Labels for Your Coffee Fundraiser 

Well work with our coffee fundraising groups to create custom coffee labels for their sale.  There are many types of labels that organizations have used to succeed in the past.  The most important thing is that the coffee labels represent their organization.  Often this means a school seal or school mascot for school wide sales.  Club logos or team photos also work for school and non-school organizations.  For winter shows or spring concerts the event details make a great logo.  These labels will help you make a deep connection to your supporters while making your sale.

Choose the Image for Your Custom Coffee Labels

The process is very easy! Your group chooses a couple of images that represent your group and sends them over to us.  We will render a few sample labels for you to choose from.  After any further corrections you approve your label.  We will then ship your custom printed sales sheet for your sale.  These sales sheets will have your custom coffee label on them so your supports will see what the product looks like when it arrives.  These special custom coffee labels also can be the conversation starter to break the ice with potential supporters.  These conversations will lead to your most profitable coffee sales.

School Mascots Make Great Custom Coffee Labels

School mascots are a good choice for your coffee fundraising sale because they are immediately recognizable within your community.  Your fundraising sellers will also connect with their school mascot making them very enthusiastic sellers.  Falcon Coffee, Mustang Coffee, and Bulldog Coffee will all make an intense connection with your community.

School Logos Make Great Custom Coffee Labels

Custom Coffee Labels Coffee Fundraiser Fort Morgan

School logos or school seals have done very well as coffee fundraisers.  Look at the examples and see how these clean seals and logos make beautiful coffee labels.  Many people will participate in a coffee sale with their school’s seal.

Custom Artwork Makes Great Custom Coffee Labels

Custom artwork has also rallied a lot of support for coffee fundraisers.  Some organizations create special artwork for their sale to increase interest.  Some schools have even had student produced artwork to represent their organization.  In these situations, the school’s fundraiser has a new unique label every year.

Team Photos Make Great Custom Coffee Labels

Custom Coffee Labels Coffee Fundraiser Springwoods Debate

These are so impressive!  Imagine your picture on a coffee label!  Like your own private branding.  Schools who have picked this option really love the impact that these make.  Debate teams, Dance Teams and Marching Bands have all had success with this option.  Check out these incredible samples from past sales.


Event information can Make Great Custom Coffee Labels

Drama Clubs, Choirs, and Bands have all had success with event style labels.  They just put the event information on their label and people will always have a memento to remember this event.  Plays. Winters Concerts, Spring Flings all could use an event styled coffee label.

Private Labeling or Executive Gifts

Many businesses have asked us to print coffee labels with their company information on them.  This is a great idea for Lawyers, real estate agents and insurance agents.  They use these custom labels coffee bags as gifts for their best customers.  This has also worked with groups like churches or schools that have a small coffee station.  You can see examples of these on our retail site Coffee My Friend.

Send Your Artwork to Coffee Funded

When supplying Coffee Funded with your artwork for display, the highest resolution artwork is best. Webpage graphics are usually too low resolution for this purpose.  Possible file types: pdf, eps, ai, psd, or jpg 200 dpi or larger.

How to Submit Artwork

Once you choose your image for your label send it over to us at  When supplying Coffee Funded with your artwork choose the highest quality artwork available.  When you have multiple versions of an image send over the highest resolution image available.  Webpage graphics are usually too low resolution for this purpose.  Possible file types include pdf, eps, ai, psd, png or jpg.

How Are Our Custom Coffee Labels Different?

Compare our custom coffee labels to any of our competitors.  We print these high-quality labels and place them on clean black coffee bags without any other thing distracting information on the front.  Our custom coffee labels will put your organization first and at the front of your sale.

Social Media and Custom Labels

These unique labels will be vivid and stunning.  This will make a big impact if you choose to share your sale on social media.  People will love it on person and online.  Share and reshare is what your supported will do.